Catch Some Wide Eye

A Boy and a Girl

old voices trace their footsteps
with shadowy intent
over the lines of my past;
the air shudders with their weight
pushing me back.

He sees i can bear no more
and stands up to fight them;
they quiver at His breath.
i cling to His robe like a child
to its mother’s skirts,
and nothing else is real
or makes any sense at all.
frightened, i pull away
until i hear a shimmering sound
that starts low and swells up-
so enticing, so sweet.
i turn around and follow the sound,
the sound of old voices…


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2 thoughts on “A Boy and a Girl

  1. edgarastonehill on said:

    I really like the first line, because voices don’t have footsteps, but the language used makes it real.

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    Thank you. I like using imagery that doesn’t exactly match reality or make logical sense; I tend to lean towards the surreal.

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