Catch Some Wide Eye

A Host of Furious Abandon

it burns
like hot coals
heavy behind my eyes
gathering in my throat
spewing out foam and fire
while a deep chill
sets its claws swiftly into my bones
starting off small screams
from long inside my soul
as something ever so small dies.
you watch it twist and writhe,
saying nothing.

i give birth to a shapeless thing
that squirms in the halls of your mind.
it crawls, reaches an un-hand to the light.
the world grows fuzzy-
beats once
beats twice.
you watch me slowly die,
saying nothing.
i collapse into the arms of the earth
unmarked, unnamed, unknown…


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3 thoughts on “A Host of Furious Abandon

  1. Sounds like a wondrous and dark emotion becoming the phoenix. Exquisite! 🙂

  2. The flow and emotion is inspiring!

  3. sparrowsong on said:

    I am grateful for your encouraging comments and glad my little work was able to inspire.

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