Catch Some Wide Eye

Blame the Insomnia

hello hollow world
this is not cute
how at 2am you shake me
wake me from my sleep
for what? for pain
unjustified, illuminate
the scars you’ve bent
over time.

hello hollow sound
that crawls and creeps
inside my voice
and echoes all around
the way those shadows
used to light up
all my songs.
oh honey, hello hollow-

worlds apart
we can’t collide
but when we do
i feel inside
a distant blurring
tempest side
somewhat fragile
but not subdued.
the hurricane call
inside it all
defeats the mind
i’ve worked so hard to mend.
was it all just a miserable mistake?
my 2am symphony
winds into motion
with pain and affliction
my cult-like devotion
to seeing it all fall through.
you know i mean nothing to you.


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