Catch Some Wide Eye

Euphonic Plea

my spectral soul blanches in the sun
like a conch shell on the shore
made smooth by years of grime,
irritation, frustration,
tossing about at sea
constantly moving
never home.

glassy mirror
my deep desire
show me the light i seek
not the platonic shadows
that puppet with my heart
in the cavernous depths;
i am hidden to all but You.


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2 thoughts on “Euphonic Plea

  1. opoetoo on said:

    thy capitilization bewrayeth thee

    i am a poor wayfaring conch too and i love that illustration

    • sparrowsong on said:

      I made a shift in capitalization about a decade ago, specifically with personal pronouns, to make myself less important. I still experiment with other styles from time to time, but this is the idea that stuck with me.

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