Catch Some Wide Eye

Gustavo, You Left the Deepest Scar in Me

coughing up promises of yesterday
what more can you have left to say?
what’s more is that I’m left bereft
of talent, of friends, regardless of benefits
whenever you left me, you left me
i wept
i wept in the heat of the beat
that you singed in my heart
you stole it, you broke it
you tore it apart.
from a one two three
one two
one two three
one two three
one two
can it bleed any less
any more of the same
can it stop the reliving
the rescribing of your name?
can it ever beat back just a hair
just the same?
sealed the cauldrons
lost the bet
but you’re not done
no, not with me
not yet
only out for fun
are you?
only just a game
just a ploy, just a toy
this nonsense butter game
where i am left dripping
like a question from your lips
never again to touch sweet fingertips
can you know?
can you feel?
is there life in you yet?

i stop to breathe.
simmer down.
after all, you’re in public.
and what you say doesn’t make sense.

but i don’t care!
do you?
you see he’s left you here in the cold
in the world with no one to hold
with no one to be held by
oh i will not be held,
will not be held responsible
for the fragmentation
of a delirious mind
when spaces are reaches
too confined to be defined
and my life is a droplet in the goblet
that the hand of hate designed.
so speak you of merriness
but to my own miserable fate
i am very much-


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