Catch Some Wide Eye

It’s a Rap

i’ve got this thing
and it covers my brain
taking over
every day in a way
that i can’t explain
my life it drains
creeping in, seeping in,
tasting like power and adrenaline
fading in
the lights turn out
now i can’t remember
what this is about
i need You here
inside the fear
i’m broken and twisted
hot, hissing
metal around my heart
don’t touch it
you’ll get burnt
don’t want You
i need You
got my eyes in an attitude
that’s not worthy of You
but You use me
in everything i say and do
in spite of me
all the people are watching
they’re watching me
and i can feel it burn
holes of conviction
in the walls that i’ve built
my suit of indifference
suits a different set of desires
selfishly i crave to inspire
words to make me feel good about myself
when all i am worth on my own is hell
You reach down and pluck me out
You’re trying to tell me what this is about
if i can get myself to stop
to stop and hear You out
You send a song into my life
You free my soul
You make it right
You write Your song in me
i sing
i sing to forget everything
and i meet You here
inside the fear
as You use me
in everything i say and do
the people are watching
the time is approaching
the levy’s are breaking
my senses are waking
my breath is quaking
i break and i know it’s You
it’s all You
Lord, it’s all You.


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