Catch Some Wide Eye

Silent Night

a lithe form crouches low, drenched
by the thick, faintly colored atmosphere.
it howls at the moon in the middle of the day,
calling for a world unseen
with a voice long muted by agony.

he stands at arm’s length from it,
gazing at the scene with compassion.
spotting my confusion, he reaches a blind hand
towards the corner of his garment.
he unveils shining crystal-like shards of his past;
he pierces my eyes with their jagged edges.
through the blood and the dark
harmonic shapes spring to life,
and my inner sight takes hold.

the creature is me.
the creature is me.
we howl, we howl all night
for love, for love,
oh, dear, sweet humanity!
come back home.
come back home to me.


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