Catch Some Wide Eye

Aching to Dream

a song is the river your heart makes when it’s aching to dream
coursing its raging waters around bloodthirsty lands
around batches of soil caked in blood
lingering over meadows abundant with lush growth
almost pausing to question the contrast.

Dream River spills onto unconquered earth
searching the crevices of self for paths of least resistance
tumbling self upon self, turning life upon life
coasting to an end more temporary than real.

do not open your eyes when that River runs dry
but run to its banks and toss it your tears
feed it your memories, your wisdom, your fears
wash in its hollows and share in its youth
nurse tiny droplets, whisper in trickles
edge in the rivulets and maintain the streams
never, oh never give up on that River
the One your heart makes when it’s aching to dream

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2 thoughts on “Aching to Dream

  1. opoetoo on said:

    when i see a poem this good i usually pick out a part and give it special praise but this thing is so cohesive that i just cant do it.

    really this is good stuff. it works.

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    Thanks! I’ve decided I want this one read at my funeral. It just seems to have that nice, tie it all together feel to it.

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