Catch Some Wide Eye


the edges of time
stand before me
no more a beacon
than your flag, unfurled
signals a surrender.
No matter.
you are of that bittersweet past
that thing called memory
which, like dew, clings
dissipates, is forgotten
by the bright noon of life
i have courage, now
to tell you this
because i saw him
gleaming out the corner of my eye
statuesque beauty
beyond comparison
beyond the thin magma trail
of my happiest dreams
yes, darling, i know
despite all your hooks in me
basting the flesh of my soul
i dared to dream not nightmare
so glorious, whole
my hope abides
beyond the glittering of the tides
take me there
to the desert of your spirit
sweet one.
now i follow the love
not the lie.
so kindest demon,
i bidst though good-bye.


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