Catch Some Wide Eye

Ok, Cuz?

everything looks pasty from a hospital bed at 2am
he laughs from the gurney
lion cub yawns
stretches out and makes gentle conversation
life of the E.R. party, he is
he is destined

i knew it when i first met that kid
grubby fists in tired eyes
anime laugh
plotting out midnight hour pranks
girls against boys and, in all likelihood,
he is destined

so when i sat in that living room
staring at half-chewed cigarette butts
as they peeked at me with intensity,
my eyes looking down to avoid the glare
the glare of realization
to protect my eyes from the shattering of reality,
i shouldn’t have been surprised
after all, he is destined
destined to be in this calm, clean place
room number 11
children’s psychiatric ward
a place white as heaven-
and he always wanted a room with a view
room with a view to tomorrow.


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6 thoughts on “Ok, Cuz?

  1. wow. that was great. having worked with kids and accompanied a few to the psyche ward…its scary that some may be destined. especially when i see their home life.

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    I agree; it is a truly horrendous thought. I appreciate that you take the time and energy to try to help youth, though. There can never be enough people doing that, and sometimes it can be a thankless, draining job.

  3. This is a great poem feels like there is a hope mixed with sadness here. it is really powerful. Seems like it was written from the perspective of a parent? bringing their child to the psych unit.

    Sometimes it seems . . . .

    • sparrowsong on said:

      You hit the nail right on the head- hope and sadness. This poem is actually based on true events and is written from my perspective- I guess you can say I was an honorary parent in this situation…

  4. great reminder,
    beautiful poem.

  5. OMG..
    This sad piece just ended perfectly..
    I always admire the writing that ends with something smashing..
    “and he always wanted a room with a view
    room with a view to tomorrow.”
    What can be said after that?

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