Catch Some Wide Eye

It’s in the Clouds; it’s in the Open

my love for you stretches from ocean curve to tugging wave
it traces the flight of the sparrow, the trail of the dove
it dances the long, long line of the sea turtle’s migration

my love for you pins me to my hard and knobby knees
it shoves me to the depths of soul, the abyss of heart
it sinks me to the cold, cold floor of solitude and cognition

my love for you smells like a rainforest hike in the heat of the day
it drenches with steaming sweat, with liquid passion
it spits fire on the calm, calm space between light and sound

my love for you does not age like the yellowed paper between your thumbs
it does not fade into erasure, into spiked nothingness
it does not wrinkle into deep, deep fissures of the soul

my love for you is everything
in pale blue horizons
as the city starts to dance


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2 thoughts on “It’s in the Clouds; it’s in the Open

  1. what a lovely poem
    about your love,

    it brightens my day,

    awesome post.

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    Thanks, Jingle. 🙂

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