Catch Some Wide Eye


i am open line and sea
and you mean nothing new to me
the wells are dug inside your nook
i am the open line you took

the fish swallow our gravity
and you mean nothing old to me
the prey are caught upon your hook
i am the frozen line you took

frozen line and open sea


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8 thoughts on “Open

  1. a lovely poem , thanks for sharing it.

  2. ebbtide on said:

    beautifully written – wonderful flow

  3. Brave and ” arrogant” words.
    So lovely.

  4. this is absolutely beautiful in its tenderness feel and blow

    love it. you are becoming one of my favourite reading around…

    (i would consider putting ‘an’ before “open line” in the first line – just my thought)

  5. sparrowsong on said:

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind and encouraging comments.

    i chose to use “open line” rather than “an open line” because i wanted to begin with the metaphysical ‘idea’ of an object before narrowing it down to a specific, tangible one. it’s a way of saying, ‘this is the nature of what i am,’ and later on saying, ‘i am this thing, specifically.’

  6. You site is wondeful and want to give you a sunshine award:

  7. Dearest Sparrowsong,
    Got a FABULOUS AWARD just for you!
    Come over and claim it!


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