Catch Some Wide Eye

When I Belong Nowhere

cataclysmic, catastrophic
major scale to pentatonic
see the vapors in these hands
know that urgency demands
cataclysmic, catatonic
single line to polyphonic
music you don’t understand
hold my head inside my hand
thoughts i hold i cannot share
unmusical masses ignite despair
when i belong nowhere
i belong nowhere

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2 thoughts on “When I Belong Nowhere

  1. This is very dark.
    I can feel the despair.

    I hope you do not stay in the darkness
    for too long.
    I have been there.
    I have been depressed for a long time.


  2. Dearest Sparrowsong,

    Dare I say that this poetry
    will make a GOOD SONG.
    To be sung by LADY GAGA!
    Way COOL!


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