Catch Some Wide Eye

A Night for Surprises

i have changed!
spoken as such a discovery
inscribed as a massive accomplishment
when we all will change anyway-
everything does:
dollars to cents
cents to holes in pockets
rolling down pant legs
clinking on the ground, forgotten
picked up by stubby four-year old hand
shoved up tiny nostrils
carried to the emergency room
alongside diamond necklace
resting on mother’s neck
after weeks of waiting
in wrapped box
before that, in hands of anxious man
before that, staring behind glass
at many people. walking people.
some looked at it. some looked away.
before that, another box. long journey.
before that, there was heat and a molding.
before that, there was another journey, but it gets hazy
first of all, it believes there was a dark cave
a chisel, a language it has long forgotten
a hand caked with blood
and here it is again, now, with the blood
flowing around coin
in four year old’s nose
as the diamond watches to see what happens next
but yes, we have all changed.


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2 thoughts on “A Night for Surprises

  1. opoetoo on said:

    very cool.
    have you seen “are we not kings? ” at my place
    similar theme – yours is better

    the diamond watches
    the diamond necklace s
    the diamond watches

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