Catch Some Wide Eye

So, how does that make you feel?

I guess the best metaphor
to describe my emotions
if one be needed,
is that they are a rather large bruise:
under the surface,
painful, tender, weak
a collection of life-giving blood
that is out of place
that has escaped its rightful home
that doesn’t belong
but they color the surface
so people know that spot is a little different.
I love the deep purple and blue bruises.

Purple is my favorite color.

The worst part about bruises
is when they are starting to heal
but they are not gone completely yet;
they fade to this ugly color
yellowish green, a hint of brown
and they still hurt.
Even though I know it’s getting better
the pain is not lessened
and it is aesthetically displeasing.
I would rather my bruises be deep and beautiful
or not have any at all.

Yes, I rather think I am a bruise.


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6 thoughts on “So, how does that make you feel?

  1. an original poem well written thanks for sharing it.

  2. cheer up,
    why do u think of wounds instead,
    life could be fun and beautiful!
    try to be positive.
    have fun!

  3. adarkstormynight on said:

    I hope your bruises are healed or at least healing.
    I like the line
    “I would rather my bruises be deep and beautiful”
    (I have a habit of choosing lines I like best.)

  4. what’s not to like … purple was mentioned ๐Ÿ™‚ ok, exploring your poetry a little on this visit and I feel privileged to see into your journey, as raw and as honest as these glimpses can be. Enjoyed my visit and I will return.

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