Catch Some Wide Eye

Late Autmn

brown, slender mourner
scraping apart a whitened sky
arch your back so gently
and let your frayed hair fly
adorn yourself with scarlet
hide your steps with rouge
who will find the red, red dawn without you?
(without you?)


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5 thoughts on “Late Autmn

  1. adarkstormynight on said:

    I really like this, especially the last line, “who will find the red red dawn without you” just beautiful. It made me think of trees and the skeletal silhouettes they make against the sky.

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    That’s exactly who I was talking about. You have a very perceptive imagination.

  3. nice poem!

    remind u to take the award with your blog tonight.
    cheers, 😉
    thank u for the nomination!

  4. okbobok on said:

    wow, this is great. thanks for the reminder of autumn… as great as spring can be, i miss the fall. and i like the “dressing up” part of this poem, too. it hangs on all my recollections of trees turning red, but it draws in other thoughts of people and places as well.

    ahhhh. thanks for posting!

  5. Your diction is quite beautiful !!!

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