Catch Some Wide Eye

Poem for a Stranger

the chill of the air pierces the lungs with life
creating a world of crisp contrast
it pleases her; everything is solemn and awake
her anxious horse moves fluidly beneath her
ready for adventures, trusting of her scent
his nostrils flare as he breathes her in
she smells of home.


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2 thoughts on “Poem for a Stranger

  1. 1markt on said:

    This is very interesting because there is a sensual relationship between her and the horse one that both she and the horse are aware of. The phrase “she smells of home” eloaborates on familiarity. I would like to invite you when you have the opportunity to visit and if moved to please leave a comment.
    Marcus T.

  2. i read it three four times.. cannot put my finger on what it is that i like so much.. i like the taste of your words..

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