Catch Some Wide Eye

Cover Story

there was a boy in a prize-winning suit
which he’d just gotten
from his visit to his great-uncle,
the doctor.
of course, the prize for that suit
had gone to the designer
not the doctor,
and the boy had gotten it
by murdering his great-uncle
not by asking politely.
the boy was seventeen,
and he was ready
for his first senior prom.
he was the best date i’d ever had.


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2 thoughts on “Cover Story

  1. 1markt on said:

    Pretty powerfull. Did you drive the get-away car? (just kidding I think) Strong work. I’d like to invite you to and if moved to, please leave a comment
    Marcus T.

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    never fear. this event, as many of my poems are, is entirely fictitious.

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