Catch Some Wide Eye

Be Ready

my dad almost killed my mom yesterday.
yeah, that’s right.
i had just driven home
from picking my kid brother up from college.
our dad’s car- gone.
when we got inside,
mom had mascara running down her face,
the stainless steel refrigerator was dented in
and her cell phone was in pieces.
she tried to call police and he took it from her
she said. she quickly stopped crying.
she didn’t want my brother to get worried
right before a big recital and all.
i took a deep breath.
in just hours i knew my dad would come walking in
as if nothing had happened
and we had to sit by and ignore it-
or else.
i paced the house,
grabbed the machete and box cutter.
when he came back,
i would be ready.


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4 thoughts on “Be Ready

  1. The one who never did on said:

    I wish I had been as brave as you

  2. I admire your courage.

  3. this is scary and heartbreaking.

  4. very interesting work here… i hope it is a poem and not autobiographic one…

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