Catch Some Wide Eye

President, Peasantry and the Politics Machine

“i was under the impression
that you knew how to work this thing,”
he said with a growl
over the hum and the ding
of the steam punk machine.

the old man scraped at his stubble
hemmed and hawed,
then sighed saying,
“yes, son, i knew how to work this thing,
but that was once and long a time ago.”


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3 thoughts on “President, Peasantry and the Politics Machine

  1. Dear friend,

    15th April is New Year in Bengal, the place where I reside. So, here is my New year gift for you, with the very best wishes:


    With lots of affection and warmest wishes,

  2. touching poem.

  3. hey – this one is really superb. i have no words.. you made a terffic work, with the imagery and story… the title.. all..

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