Catch Some Wide Eye

how to tell if you’re crazy [like me]

people tend to give you that vacant smile and nod routine
the one where they look right through you without really connecting
you stare at your feet when you walk
there’s an irresistible desire to dance along with the music in your head
you know people are staring at you and don’t make eye contact
because people don’t understand you
your thoughts are highly imaginative and random
you’re obsessed with Chopin and spoons
ok, maybe not so much with the spoons
but you like to sleep since you know it’s safe there
even though you’re surrounded by zombies and cannibals
you know none of them can ever really kill you
as gory as it may be
although you would hate to be trapped in your mind forever
as nice as the people can be in there
sometimes you can even scare yourself
and that’s saying something


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2 thoughts on “how to tell if you’re crazy [like me]

  1. opoetoo on said:

    I love this.
    It is not a problem as long as you KEEP that desire to dance,or just dance!
    I am more crazy like me.
    Overwhelmed in stores when music is playing and lights and shiny things must focus must focus
    this is what I was trying to express in Soundtrack Reality over yonder where I try to communicate.

    thanks for this

  2. fabulous- a masterpiece!

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