Catch Some Wide Eye


this is a soothing voice
warm and gentle
it calls your name
and all is tranquil, calm

a noninvasive, magnetic hand
passes gently over your shoulder
a safe touch, a reassurance
your muscles relax
and tension leaves with your exhalation
a sigh of relief

this is a being who notices you
out of a crowd of billions
who accepts you,
cognizant of faults
but tolerant of frailties
who cherishes your unique gifts
even the ones you haven’t discovered

you breathe in fresh air

human connection, even in small doses
is vital

since you cannot see who i am
i send you my spirit self
and offer you these things
in case you lost them

here is my hug.

do not surrender to the day
but chase it like a child wanders after drifting flowers.

to You, my world
all my purest love and affection


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2 thoughts on “Stressed?

  1. vivid images,
    well done!

  2. fantastic and lovely. sometimes loving becomes easy if we are not face to face/ or invisible to each other.

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