Catch Some Wide Eye

Ode to The Fully Sick Rapper

There once was a man who was told to sit still,
a life and death matter, despite all his will
the sickness it curled up inside of his lung
his social life shattered, his freedom was stung
the solitude fostered a chill in his brain
it was worse than the pill and much worse than the pain
this sequestered seclusion was too off the chain
so he turned to his music to help keep him sane
the rhythm was movin’
his health was improvin’
he caught it
he brought it
he locked it
he rocked it
the whole world is watchin’
the internets’ stalkin’
his rising
his climbing
his heroic fame
he’s running
he’s fighting
he’s winning the game

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One thought on “Ode to The Fully Sick Rapper

  1. Siiiiiiiiiiiick!! Thanks Deets!! I had never had my own poem!! Awesome… That’s almost a rap!!

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