Catch Some Wide Eye


“Don’t you purse your lips at me!
You know very well I said a quarter past six,
and where could you possibly have been…”

Strumming my ukulele by the river
Strolling through the garden petting flowers
Throwing horseshoes by the hill
Taking time to watch the birds fluff feathers
Walking barefoot on the shore bank
Pulling cat’s cradle between my thumbs

“… all this time?
Poor Percy had to milk the cows
all by himself! Now he’s nearly beat
and who shoveled the hay
and planted the rows of corn
and churned the butter…”

And watched the water drops tickle ivy
And caught worms with my clean hands
And baited hooks and strung my own rod
Could’ve brought home fish, but he looked so sad

“…Ferdinand! Sometimes I wonder
what your egg shaped head is ever thinking!”


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