Catch Some Wide Eye

Period, Said the Comma to the Fly

you are a dark swirl
cosmic, delicate, powerful
braced on the pinions of modesty and love
who can question?

i am a small dot
bleeding, perfunctory, lumpy
scrawled in the journal of self-adherence
i abandon this


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14 thoughts on “Period, Said the Comma to the Fly

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  2. very impressive comparison and contrasts, beautiful poem!
    Keep it up!

  3. wonderful -I love it!!

  4. Many different emotions in this. Nicely done.
    You’ll find mine here.

  5. another great example of my favourite saying less is more, so much emotion in such a short piece, excellent idea that works really well

  6. we always see more in others…but a period brings all things to close…

  7. dustus on said:

    Clever and emotional—perhaps the best way to use punctuation in a poem.

  8. great work! love the style.

  9. mairmusic on said:

    Brilliant! Cynicism and humor tied in a bow– nicely done!

  10. Very nice.

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you will visit my sites:

    Tim Keeton – A Writer’s Tale


    The Undead Poets Society

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales
    A Week 19 Perfect Poet Award Winner

  11. Clever witty piece of writing punctuated with humor and cynicism.

    Nicely done in so few words,,,,,


    came by through jingle today first time here

  12. please visit and comment back to poets who were here,
    thank you for the input!

  13. Moeed's Diary on said:

    short, precise but profound……….well said…….impressed…..!!!!

  14. Ansab on said:

    Great topic………….

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