Catch Some Wide Eye

Funny, Love, Don’t It?

skittles and a morbid fear of butterflies
she sorts each sugar bean as she eats it
alphabetical order by color
and i wonder why women are so indecisive

hair in an asymmetrical bun
she punched a puppy in the face once
by mistake of course,
felt so bad she couldn’t sleep for a week
they’re a tender sort, those females
a real man would’ve just thrown up
or cried secretly into his pillow when no one was looking
but most men can’t cry if they tried
and won’t admit that it scares them a bit

she sure is a real piece of work
rainbow laced shoes and rubber bands on wrist
always giggling about cupcakes and how the pen is-
but the joke always stops there and i never know why

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2 thoughts on “Funny, Love, Don’t It?

  1. very skillfully written!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I get what your saying. Well done. Bravo! I would love you check my blog! Also, a bit of poetry/thoughts.
    I hope you have an exceptional day!

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