Catch Some Wide Eye

Boils Down To This

why is it that what runs through my blood
ain’t what runs through your blood
when i give you my blood
i give you my land
i give you my skin till my lungs run out, son
what does that mean?
my sweat, my hair clings to cheeks
i can’t never take it back, hun
flushed, colored, sunset stirred
ain’t what stirs in mortal hearts, son
now, come back. let’s see this again.


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3 thoughts on “Boils Down To This

  1. Congratulations on your recent poetry awards in the 20th week rally!

  2. hmmm…is the use of son a familiar or familial term in this…each would give different meaning…

    • sparrowsong on said:

      exactly. i enjoy using words that may have multiple meanings so the reader is free to choose the one that resonates with them best.

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