Catch Some Wide Eye

We Equal Each Other

Poem now available here:

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10 thoughts on “We Equal Each Other

  1. Keisha on said:

    wow thats really neat

  2. I liked this poem a lot – is wonderfully written. It seems to me that all the world’s philosophies are contained inside of the concept of the simultaneous struggle for freedom and union of opposites. In the novel “Free Fall”, William Golding writes “We are dumb and blind yet we must see and speak.” Exactly the sentiments of your poem, I think to myself.

  3. santosh on said:

    very nice…

  4. Wonderfully expressed thoughts. I truly love the contradiction. How well you say what many cannot. I look forward to more.

  5. racheljake on said:

    brilliant work, old chap

  6. Lulu on said:

    Nice poem

  7. Fawn on said:

    I’ve read this before a million times over.

  8. Wow this is brilliant! love your poem:)

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