Catch Some Wide Eye


with cool abandon, fluffing tufts
strutting stuff, they stare through you
flying high over head
stopping to grab some fries
mobbing at the park
too hip to be bothered
a generation away from real


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4 thoughts on “Seagulls

  1. onestoryblog on said:

    Hello! I have a young blog One Story Project. I am looking for writers, poets, artists who would be willing to write a guest post or contribute their work (photography, art) to One Story Project blog. If you are interested, check my blog out at Let me know!

    • sparrowsong on said:

      Thanks for the invite! I’ll definitely help out. 🙂

      • onestoryblog on said:

        You will find One Story email on its webiste. Email me whatever you feel comfortable posting on One Story plus your short bio (intro to the post.) Thanks a lot!


    two poetry awards,
    4 general blogging awards for you.
    Thank you for the contributions on poetry and blogging friendship.

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