Catch Some Wide Eye

When You Whisper into the Well, This is How it Sounds

this will make you uncomfortable
but you can leave at any time
i didn’t ask you to stay here
your will and your choice is your own

this is for my art professor
panicked on a friday that wasn’t so good
racked with pain inside her brain
after falling through a roof
recovery was just a spoof
a month to the day and she was dead
aneurysm. what is it exactly? aneurysm.
i don’t know but it kills and it hides
and it killed her dead

this is for my high school friend
not in control, he was out of control
but behind the wheel, she loved him
he was drunk, and they hit the wall so hard
concrete. still a hole there where they patched up
with wood. she used to play violin.
this is for her and the sister she left behind,
one of my children, one of my friends.

this is for my church friend
beaming face, so, so proud
her son was growing up too fast, she feared
too fast it happened, steady behind the wheel
dead on impact. faulty wheel.
her son was growing up too fast

this is for my hero
months before they could find it
a strong one made immobile by pain?
no scans could find it.
gone now. held on so long.
if only they had- how could they not find it?
cancer, also, one coworker
and one guidance counselor. two separate people.
three vicious attacks.

there are more, but surely you are tired of the pain.
twenty-five in all, right now,
and i don’t mind if you don’t like it.
it’s not really about you anyhow.
this is for them.

this is for them,
and this is for them,


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