Catch Some Wide Eye


you were supposed to be mine.
i shattered my soul open for you
while you watched, you fiend.
i didn’t just open a door,
no, not for anyone.
i was made without doors,
and you knew it.
the only way in was to conquer me,
to crush my shell completely.
and you did, now, didn’t you?
i left everything uncovered
for you to take and dance,
to play and charm away.
then there was little left behind,
very little you did not take,
you clod! we could have had it all.
but no, i am less than nothing to you.
but walls, they can grow back,
so i am not worried.
the next one to try to get to me, though
the next one will curse you,
because every time these walls grow back,
they grow thicker, stronger
and are less willing to crack.
i am a wall now,
and you will never get in, again.
so lose yourself in your labyrinth mind
with your merry-go-round friends
and leave me behind
with all that we meant.
Leave me behind.


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