Catch Some Wide Eye

Let’s Set Off Some Fireworks!

today is the day that i celebrate
an American culture that conquered my ancestors
or, at least, bartered us into a nice common wealth.
i celebrate this day when American people,
who are not my ancestors,
rebelled against British people,
who are even less my ancestors.
i applaud their ingenuity, their rebellion,
their terrorist acts against the king,
and their general intolerance to following the law.
i recognize this fact by watching things explode,
not unlike a BP incident,
but this rather clever artistic ear attack
and car alarm and dog bark inducing event
is much more Chinese, at heart.

this is the point where i throw my hands up and declare,
i don’t know where i am anymore.


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Set Off Some Fireworks!

  1. Happy Belated July 4th!

  2. lovely poem!
    I feel the cheers!

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