Catch Some Wide Eye


you took my armrest again
so i just plop my arm on top of yours
until you turn to me, grunt, and give me my space.
good. just how i like it.
the kid behind me’s kicking my seat anyhow
and the floor beneath my feet is sticky
the syrupy residue of a soda spill not even four hours old.
of course, the ten foot tall man with the two gallon hat
decides to sit right in front of me.
but that’s ok, i’ll just watch the movie sideways.
after watching the pre-preview screens loop,
i get bored and pretend to talk to you.
you’re too busy listening to the music.
i text my friends and then turn my cell phone off.
the exciting trailers that i really don’t want to watch
assault my eyes, my ears, my moral constitution.
but i sit through them, anyway, just to be polite.
it’s good to be polite, these days, ya know.


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