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We here at Catch Some Wide Eye are looking for ways to open creative minds all over the world. We believe that every branch of art is more than a dead specimen to be poked and prodded in the halls of academia; it should literally be inspired, breathed, into every day life. More than a means of expression, the arts should provide a new lens from which to view the world, highlighting newer perspectives to mundane situations or problems and allowing for better problem solving.

Do Something Random…

It can be an act of kindness, taking a different route to work, sticking a tube sock through a pez dispenser, whatever floats your boat (and is legal, preferably). Maybe you just have a random thought stuck in your head. Whichever you choose, you may post about it here.

Get Inspired…

Find a poem that sparks your imagination, challenges you, comforts you, introduces you to a new viewpoint, or anything else you desire. In addition to the many poems to be found here at Catch Some Wide Eye, there are several poetry blogs listed in the blogroll on the sidebar. Read some great poetry and comment on how these prolific modern-day poets have made an impact in your everyday life.

Change the World…

Art is about reaching out and embracing something larger than ourselves. We at Catch Some Wide Eye have partnered with Invisible Children to help ease suffering and educate war-torn Uganda. If you would like to help this worthy cause, absolutely free, just click the widget on the sidebar to complete a short quiz. For every six questions you answer, you can earn one hour of class-time for a child in Uganda. It’s easy, painless and will help make the world a better place.

So go on out there, and get involved!


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  1. have a fun day..
    your post is amazing !

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