Catch Some Wide Eye

Dear Lenore

It has been a long time since I last wrote you, Lenore
but you must know that things have changed.
There are certain forces at work around us
which I am not at liberty to discuss.
It would seem that we are surrounded,
surrounded by a dark plague of ill-will.
Please understand that I am well, Lenore,
and I am writing you to ensure that you understand.
I cannot meet you any longer by the cherry tree
as we once did when times were free.
Those niceties are a thing of memory now,
and I must go on to battle. Do not ask me where,
but more importantly, do not ask me whom.
It is of the utmost importance that you know nothing,
that you are not tied directly to me, at all.
This is heartbreaking for me to write, Lenore,
for I love you more than earth or stars or war can explain.
Yet, it would be unwise to hold you near,
and unkind to not let you know.
Live your life in freedom, Lenore,
love, marry and be well.
Know that I am out here fighting for that,
for your dream and your dream alone.
I will think of you and your new family often,
and the thought will make me smile,
yes, smile, Lenore!
More than all things I wish your dreams to live,
and I give my whole life for that.
Please do not write me back,
as much as it pains me to say it,
I can hear from you no more.
Take my blessing, Lenore,
it is all I have left to give.
In haste,


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