Catch Some Wide Eye

It’s Not Halloween

my happy place is not so happy
it’s lined with shards of glass
the inhabitants are always crabby
and maybe just a little bit crass

intestines line the sidewalks
and spiders fill the streams
our brains are ruled by robots
and everyone’s trapped in dreams

shadows stalk the mirrors
and fire marks the halls
i know i must be sleeping
’cause something here is wrong

i try to scream my loudest
i try to kill the beast
i beat the walls the hardest
when i am fast asleep

there is no rest in waking
there is no calm in night
the nightmares are overtaking
my living days with fright.

[for One Shot]


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22 thoughts on “It’s Not Halloween

  1. Wow, this was powerful and disturbing. This is your happy place? Yikes. Very effective poetry, Sparrowsong.

  2. Tight flow to your poem. Enjoyed it very much. “our brains are ruled by robots / and everyone’s trapped in dreams.” What a true statement—perhaps on multiple levels.

  3. truly a frightening place to be…a harrowing poem….but honest. nice oneshot!

  4. soulintention: signed .............bkm on said:

    great rhythm in this piece and protrays the nightmares soul…. may it find peace…bkm

  5. This has a nice rhythm and the rhymes work without feeling forced.

    I feel for the poor soul that is the “I” of this poem.

  6. wow. i feel your pain, friend.

  7. It’s like Alice in/on Halloween. Alice in costume as the Queen of Hearts?

    Nice one.

  8. moondustwriter on said:

    both form and fear factor
    quite effective piece

    thanks for sharing with One Shot

    smiles from the Moon

  9. Great imagery. Scary. A place none of us want to live. Scarier that it’s not a place one can wake from. Good meter/rhyme. Well wrought. Good poem. Thank you

  10. Not a happy place indeed!
    Really liked it, nice rhythm and flow.

  11. reminded me of my troubles sleeping last night..a tight, strong poem, very well written and thanks for sharing..cheers Pete

  12. happy place is not so happy…very good entry words for the journey you take us..

  13. “i try to scream my loudest
    i try to kill the beast”
    that really took me back to when I was a child and I had nightmares
    Great internal pace which makes the writing even more compelling

  14. A living nightmare – so gruesome and yet so well done!

  15. Oh my gosh!! This was awesome, and scary too!!!
    I really hope this is fiction… and that the nightmares aren’t affecting you…
    An amazing read though!! So vivid are the images…phew!! Loved it!

    Oohh.. I have some lovely August Awards for you… please feel free to accept as many as you like… I hope you enjoy them..
    Much love…

  16. Loved the rhythm. Truly effective in painting a nightmarish landscape.

  17. Wow, powerful last stanza..this is not real but just fiction? Loved the flow of your poem. Keep writing my friend x

  18. Wow! What a nightmarish happy place.

    My One Shot is located at

  19. I liked the rhyme- saddening, but nicely put…a representation of all that is not hunky-dory in the world and the mind…Hoping for peace and calm to smoothen the edges.

  20. mairmusic on said:

    Your rhymes are very true, and I do love the images of observant despair. Nicely done!

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