Catch Some Wide Eye


Elaine’s hands shook nervously as she handed him his coffee.
the stranger, dark eyes had admitted he was a Sam
and asked her about the bracelet she wore.
From Tibet, she had said.
She had dreamed of becoming a missionary
since the time she was a small girl
with mouth agape listening to stories
told from pulpits and at prayer meetings
of the great work to be done.
She had a strange draw to these dark-eyed people.
Sam was from there, he admitted.
His grandmother made bracelets like those.
What a coincidence.
Elaine had never found the funds to go,
she sighed.
Such a trip took thousands of dollars,
and a simple barista like her simply couldn’t afford it,
and neither could anyone else in these hard times.
She still dreamed of going,
helping orphans, widows and the elderly.
But it would just take a long, long time.
Sam smiled as he took his coffee from her,
pulled out a checkbook and grabbed a pen.
“I’ve been waiting for this chance a long time,”
he said, with a shake in his voice.
“This, will be in honor of my grandmother.
How much do you need?”
Elaine shook and held her breath.
She could have been lying for all he knew.
She immediately decided she liked this Sam,
and everything he would mean to her.


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