Catch Some Wide Eye


target practice.
that’s what she thought of it
for future days
when her memories were not so bright
she sat, pencil in hand
waiting to divine the next answer.
she could bubble in anything.
heck, she even bubbled in her name.
she wondered if France had bubbles.
focus. three more questions.
target practice.
after all, the right college means everything
like her pug-nosed aunt said,
the one with all the money
and even more disdain.
did she really want to be like that?
wait, the questions, time running out
palms sweating, she hated this game
she stared right through them
right through the glass letters
the print dissolved into her thoughts
but they didn’t say anything.
focus! C looks good. right?
bubble. bubble. bubble.
she heard France had good cheese.
“Time’s up! Please put your pencils down…”


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One thought on “Evelyn

  1. loved the poem. very interesting and well written.

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