Catch Some Wide Eye

Rejuvenation of a Life So Unpoetic

i am a swipe on a credit card
a plastic, encoded button

i have words to say and you will buy them
looking for value in something, something-

whether you choose to discard me
pushing out my thoughts as unpoetic
as refuse of the soul
as the lame and contemptible by-product
of a world without borders,
without shame,
without censorship and common civility,

or whether you choose to embrace something,
something vaguely nostalgic in these words-
something that reflects a brief thought you once had,
a fleeting memory of contemplation,
the brief surprise that some poor soul on this dear, flat earth
can actually empathize with the vision you hold so dearly;
a vision which inspires pride in your strength of character
to pave the only path, the true path, the ingenious way,
but also pulls you back to yawning loneliness
and pestering doubts about your sanity.

i am back to be your object
lovingly used as you see fit
to fill that void you so long to distract yourself from
to hide with you and pretend it’s not there

i cannot promise to be a constant bed fellow
but i can promise to be enough-

i can also lie,
and oh, how i can lie!

An example of street markets accepting credit ...


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3 thoughts on “Rejuvenation of a Life So Unpoetic

  1. Really enjoyed reading this poem.

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    Thanks for the read and the comment! You’re my hero.

  3. “i cannot promise to be a constant bed fellow
    but i can promise to be enough-”

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