Catch Some Wide Eye


there are people
knocking on the doors of this school
trying to tell me
that my auditions are racist.

i have children that go home
and speak russian, hebrew, arabic
they come from jamaica
the bahamas
south korea, vietnam,
israel, egypt,
ghana, mexico
from every country in the world.

they try to tell me that i am racist
because i do not have enough black kids.

i am hispanic.
what do i care about color?

what matters in an audition is passion
talent, willingness to learn,

potential has no race.

if they try,
if they just try to give me a quota
tell me i must have this many black kids
and this many white kids
i will quit
because what they mean
when they try to tell me that i’m racist
is that they are racist
and they need to blame me for it.

i will quit
because i refuse to work for a system
that has no color
that only sees in black and white.

i will become a janitor
and work with my own two hands
cleaning the floors of the world
the way my ancestors did
because that is where i really belong
don’t i?
i’m hispanic.


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2 thoughts on “Achromatopsia

  1. Sad when that term is used to cover up the faults and guilt of others. 😦

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