Catch Some Wide Eye


i live one cortisone shot from a hundred
one life damned from a million
one stone age from redemption
i die one inhale from forever
one certain lie extended
one parcel off the mainstream
to be a phantom lover
making ghost tones now or never
haunted, glorious apparition
from the stallions dark and forming
foment, mourn the abolition
of a true, just, angry torrent
foaming, stitching here our only
patched and weeded superstition
hawked and sold at sole volition
of the screened and shady windows
into souls more lost than broken

[Written for One Shot Wednesday]


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8 thoughts on “Irreverent

  1. moondustwriter on said:

    the lost and the broken…
    your picture that you paint is hard to look at and yet it is a real and painful world

    thanks for sharing with One Stop

  2. this is a cachophony thedat crescendos in the last 4 lines…really nicely play

  3. absolutely BRILLIANT — it has incredible depth and power…LOVE it!!

  4. strong and booming.

  5. I’m not a great judge of poetry, but I know I like this.

    • sparrowsong on said:

      Thank you! I pretty much don’t know a thing about poetry, either, so’ll just shut out eyes and pretend we do.

  6. as do we all…

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