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My Creativity Died Today

There once was a boy who looked through beady brown eyes that twitched when he laughed and jingled when he was angry, much to his annoyance and the amusement of his peers. They called him Tinkle Tears.

“Do you need to go do a tinkle, Tinkle Tears?
“Go on…go tinkle.”

This would only make the boy angry which, in turn, only made his eyes jingle all the louder.
He would cover his face in shame to get them to stop while the other children would shake their heads and whispers from corners of mouths, “it gets him every time!”

But they didn’t know about the secret adoption. Hell, HE didn’t even know about it. The CIA coverup for project Jingle Bells, the surgeries and replaced parts roving around within the child’s body. Not even the parents knew about those Jingle Bells, but they took great care to rile the kid up during Christmastime because he jingled so beautifully when he was mad. They loved to sign him up for church plays, caroling and community ballets.

The neighborhood boys started to suspect he was gay. I mean, that dark haired guy with sunglasses was always watching his house and stalking him. He was probably his secret lover. People with jingly eyes have got to be either really stupid or total pervs. They decided this and went on their merry ways.

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2 thoughts on “My Creativity Died Today

  1. Such a fine conspiracy theory brought to life. I guess he would need to learn to meditate, if he’s ever to sneak up on his enemies and exact revenge.

  2. ha, get it? merry ways?
    this is upsetting and mad cap.

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