Catch Some Wide Eye

To My Soldier

Dog Tags 1

you are more than warrior
more than strong
you endure like the great mountains
and there is an unknown hour
when you journey back to camp
to safely hear my voice
and carry censored words
across an ocean
to treasure close to your heart
like silvered dog tags
quivering close to your chest
and nothing can thank you enough
can repay your endurance and sacrifice-
but with this small, trembling voice,
i try


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8 thoughts on “To My Soldier

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  2. Keep trying… The result is really good!

  3. Beautiful words…

  4. awesome expressions…
    keep it up.

  5. nicely done! keep it up …;]

  6. That’s beautiful because it’s from the heart. That’s how “real writing” should be done.

  7. It really shows that this is from the heart

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