Catch Some Wide Eye

Hearts are Never Roses

i am a mirror of the days you fell asleep
along your trembling lines my soul begins to creep

have you touched reveries worth more than painted dreams?
am i your victim now, or’s that just how it seems?

i am the emblem that you carry into war
for love or stern conquest, just tell me what i’m for

have you sought melodies that drip onto your tongue?
will you be loving me when fighting days are done?

i am a window to the days you thought were dead
hold out your hand, my dear, and let’s go back to bed.


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One thought on “Hearts are Never Roses

  1. Wow. Again, you are so beautiful, my girl. Breathtaking…
    And this poem is simply beautiful.
    the title especially. I am heartsore from reading it…

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