Catch Some Wide Eye

fate could not be so sweet

the difficult thing about being numb
is you never quite know how you feel
and so you start writing poetry
and staring out the window
at dark cars pulling into garages
and flickers of heated breezes
and bygone summer cookouts
flash by your consciousness
then you become sure, simply positive
that maybe you felt some sort of pang
of nostalgia or heartache
only to realize that it was just heartburn
after all


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5 thoughts on “fate could not be so sweet

  1. jkbwho07 on said:

    Hey! Have you ever thought about self publishing? I just did! (No this is not a spam comment) My author spotlight is . I had a great time writing my book, and I didn’t even know I was writing it! I was just writing a poem everyday and taking a couple pictures everyonce and a while. First I tried, they have a GREAT program you can download to your computer that will help you put your book together and then you can actually order it off their site and it looks AWESOME, but then I found and they offered me a real ISBN number and barcode! So I even have the chance to feature my poetry book on! Anyway, with all the great stuff you write, and all the pictures you paint (do you use a program or your hands? Sometimes I can’t tell) I thought maybe you would like to self publish a book. Both sites are really great, It really just depends on what you would prefer, both are FREE to use! Let me know when I can buy your book! <3s to you Julia

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    First of all, congratulations!

    Lulu truly is an amazing company. I’ve had a Lulu account for years, but I’ve never actually used it. I’m not entirely sure why; I suppose I’m just funny that way.

    As for the artwork, I paint by hand use several digital programs, but lately it’s been entirely digital work.

    A few friends and I are actually starting our own publishing company this fall, so you will definitely be hearing about that in the upcoming months. I’m going to be hunting for fabulous authors like you. 😀

    • jkbwho07 on said:

      That is awesome!!! I’m am super stoked for you!! And thank you, I’m very excited, this is my first book, or anything this big. Definitely let me know, or post something on here when you are up and running! How very cool!!! ❤ Julia

  3. Oh…now this brought a chuckle or two…very clever write.

  4. zevstar on said:

    love the images…and the humor…pass the prilosec please

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