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Challenge Accepted

This is written in response to this post.

Dear Gilliam,

I accept your apology and urge you, in friendship, to no longer worry yourself about the matter. However, the situation in Stilpa sounds dire and quite alarming. Whatever evil has clung to your village seems to have contained itself to your borders, for there is no news in the surrounding areas of this pestilence.

I must confess that all the stories I shared in Stilpa are true. However, I never made the claim to be a man. That is a conclusion that you and the others seem to have reached on your own. I am, in fact, an angel. I have wandered the earth for centuries hunting an atrocious demon of the name Ceriul. I lost his tracks when I arrived at Stilpa and decided to stay and guard the village for a time. It appears he lurked nearby and hid. This cursed blackness doubtless is of his doing, fueled by his hellish hatred and jealousy.

It will take me about three days time to gather the necessary supplies to cure this plague. Until then, find comfort in the fact that each member of your reconnaissance teams are now at peace with God. Except, unfortunately, for Earl, God have mercy on his soul.

John of God


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9 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. Hahahahahaha… awesome! Thanks for that.
    “Except, unfortunately, for Earl, God have mercy on his soul.” will have me laughing out loud for a while.

  2. Indigo Spider on said:

    I like the response to Scribbla’s story. I will include a link to this story in the next Sunday Picture Press, unless you prefer me to leave it out, so others can enjoy it as well!

  3. NO! NOT EARL!
    I love letters.

  4. Interesting take ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. ahhhhhhhh this is awesome! I love that little twist you put in there. Veeeeeeery interesting!

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