Catch Some Wide Eye

The Itsy Bitsy

he works it slow
hobbling across a white expanse
seven little legs coordinating
in no orderly fashion
as he moves across space
leg number eight stretches high
like a lone antenna
somehow snapped the wrong way
yet not severed
forcing him to carry the weight
the way people carry broken hearts


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5 thoughts on “The Itsy Bitsy

  1. Oooooh. Very vivid and visceral. Fantastic writing.

  2. this is upsetting. I kind of dig spiders.
    well, small ones, anyway.

    • sparrowsong on said:

      I like spiders, too. Anything that eats mosquitos is my friend. I was very perplexed when I found him. I wonder what possibly could have done that to his leg. He stumbled around like he was drunk since his balance was off. 😦

  3. Enjoyed it, especially the last two lines.

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