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5 Things That Really Bug Me



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10 thoughts on “5 Things That Really Bug Me

  1. Yea! I made it to the bottom of the list. 🙂 Besides we “white ones” in my family (we’re all some shade of brown, aren’t we?), I have an adopted daughter who is half black, a daughter-in-law who is Hispanic, and my second son BETTER marry the Chinese girl he’s dating or we’ll wring his neck since we love her so much. We were musing once who our third son should marry – perhaps an Indian to round out our family.

  2. sparrowsong on said:

    YES, we are all some shade of brown. 😀 My dream is to adopt an Asian kid and an African American kid someday. I’m not quite ready to do the single mom bit right now, though. It seems exhausting!

  3. Nicely done! And I know when you do adopt that the kids will be very lucky indeed!

  4. I am sorry if I sound rude but I think you mean the Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire descendents are German, Italy was not part of this empire.

  5. Now I’ll have to try better in my description of an individual. Thanks for setting me straight. It makes perfect sense, just never gave it thought.

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