Catch Some Wide Eye

I Wish This Wasn’t True

The extent to which one is obscenely wealthy is directly proportional to how human one believes one’s pet to be.

Normal people buy pets at the pet store or take in run aways.
The Obscenely Wealthy order the most expensive, top pure breeds from a highly respected breeder.

Normal people take their new pet to the vet for shots.
The Obscenely Wealthy takes their new pet to a holistic doctor who analyzes their nutrition needs, administers shots while soothing music plays in the background, and writes a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication to meet the pet’s psychological needs.

Normal people get pet food from the grocery store.
The Obscenely Wealthy hire custom pet chefs to make organic only creations that will cater to their pet’s every need while serving the delicacies on gold-encrusted plates.

Normal people give their pet a bath.
The Obscenely Wealthy take their pet to a pet salon and spa where they are groomed, get pedicures and massaged.

Normal people get a bed and some toys for their pets.
The Obscenely Wealthy hire a carpenter to custom build a bed for their pet, purchases a closet full of designer pet clothes and gives them their very own room.

Normal people struggle to clothe, feed and find a home for themselves and their children.
The Obscenely Wealthy struggle with…what, exactly?


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