Catch Some Wide Eye

Desert Storm

some days
the rain is more welcome
than the shine

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3 thoughts on “Desert Storm

  1. We’d almost take 40 days and 40 nights of rain in drought-ridden Texas. Things are better the last three months, but we still need some four or five inch rains.

    • sparrowsong on said:

      I hope you get it soon, and not in devastating amounts! My grandmother lives in Puerto Rico just south of a great mountain which stops most of the precipitation from getting to her town. It gets so dry that these dust clouds roll down out of the mountains and cover everything. The parts of her lawn she doesn’t water every day has cracked earth. I’d never seen anything like that in person before I visited her. I’m sure you Texans know exactly what I’m talking about!

      By the way, my mom just wrote a bilingual childrens’ book that takes place in Texas. It hasn’t been released, yet, but just an interesting side note. 🙂

      Many thanks for stopping by, dearest Bard.

  2. So much truth in so few words!

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